Glad you stopped by. You have a lot of choices when you internet, thanks for choosing this neck 'o' the woods. 

I’m Ryan O’Hara, a Catholic guy who lives in West St Paul, MN with my wife Jill and our four sons.  I have been helping college students and young adults live for big things, like it's my job, since 1997.  

What sort of 'big things' are you talking about Ryan? Well, I'm glad you asked. The first big thing is helping them answer Jesus' question "who do you say that I am?"  The second big thing is walking with them as they discover, in light of the first big thing, who they are supposed to become, what they were born to do, and who they should journey with through all that life throws at them. 

So whether it was my job or not, I would be compelled to do it.  

And that's what this website is all about.  


Helping others spend their lives on what matters most. 

Does that sound like something you can get behind? 

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And if somehow you made it all the way down here - here are A few Other semi-interesting Facts about me...

  • I once beat an NBA basketball player (Craig Ehlo) in a 3 point shooting contest, while wearing Birkenstocks.

  • At a sleepover in sixth grade, right before I threw-up in the bathroom, I shouted really loudly (for reasons I will never know): “HERE IT COMES!!”

  • I went an entire Little League baseball season without swinging the bat. I got walked a lot, which was nice. (right)

  • I rebounded from that debacle and later married a Ninja warrior. For real, you can read about her here. (right)

  • Jill and I have lived in three different states (Missouri, Arizona, and Minnesota) and called New Zealand home for four months back in 2000.

  • My wife and I have owned four different mini-vans. (A 1996 Ford Windstar, 1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette, and two Kia Sedonas)

  • Speaking of vehicles both my dad and my wife’s dad, on separate occasions, had the front of their vehicles sheered off by a locomotive, while they were still inside the vehicles. They both walked away with only minor bumps and bruises. How ‘bout them apples? (right)

  • I used to work for Speedo. 'Nuff said.

  • I now work for Saint Paul’s Outreach...because Jesus changed my life in college, gave me a lifelong mission to tell young adults all about Him, and to do so, gladly, as a Roman Catholic.

  • Jill (the ninja warrior) and I are the proud parents of four lion cubs. Wait. Did I say lion cubs? I meant little human boys. (right)

  • Oh yeah, one more thing. I really like to breakdance. Not so much floor moves and headspins, mostly poppin’ and lockin’.

Thanks for stopping by!  

- Ryan O'