Would you pray for me?

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As you may know about fifteen to twenty times a year I give talks at Catholic parishes, Conferences, or trainings for Church leaders AND I NEED PRAYER SUPPORT!

That's right, folks! I put it in ALL CAPS because w/o prayer, w/o the Spirit, w/o God moving in people's hearts, w/o God animating me and my words - I might as well shut 'er down. But I don't think that's what God wants. :)

And also it's something I largely do on my own and yet I know there are many people out there (perhaps you!) who would join me in prayer and remind me and everyone I speak to that we are in this together.

Are you in?? If so, please share name and email - over to the right. Once you do, you will be notified via email before each of my talks. I will ask you to pray for specific things - I’m imagining it’s a three to five minute commitment, 15-20 times a year. Capiche?


Future Talks, 2019

  • January 5th and 6th - SEEK 2019 // Indianapolis, IN // Presenter for Campus Ministry Track

  • January 19th - One Life LA // Los Angeles, CA // Speaker at One Life LA Event

  • Feburary 21st - RETURN Program // Our Lady of Grace, Edina, MN // - Why Millennials Leave the Church

  • March 21st, 2019 - RETURN Program // Our Lady of Grace, Edina, MN // How to Actually Share Your Faith

  • May 1st, 2019 - Confirmation Class // Holy Family Parish, St Louis Park, MN // On Media

  • May 21st - Missionary Discipleship Course // Saint Hubert’s in Chanhassen, MN

  • May 30th - Missionary Discipleship Course // Saint Peter’s in Mendota.