5 Things to Do Because You Look at Your Phone Too Much.

Photo Credit: Nuwandalice via Compfight cc

Ever been tempted to drop your iPhone off the nearest cliff? Smash it with a hammer?

I have.

Not because it wasn’t working, but precisely because it was. It works so well that it never leaves me alone. It’s always right there clamoring for attention.

Beeping, buzzing, chirping, glowing.

Look at me. Touch me. Ignore important stuff (like the road). Hey you, I’m over here!

Sound familiar?

I often think that my subconscious is gonna take over and force me to drop it out the car window or play bouncy ball with it on the cement. 

I’m sick of the darn little thing.

Though I make it sound like all of this is just happening to me, I know that my phone only has as much power as I have given it. So, for the foreseeable future I am going to take some control back and work on five things to put that little dude in its place.

  1. Turn off all non-phone related notifications. I go to my phone enough as it is, I don’t also need it getting up off the shelf and walking over to me.  I’m well connected to the internet and social media and I’m not gonna miss things I need to see.
  2. Keep it off of my person whenever possible I’ll keep it in a bag, coat pocket or whatever. It’ll be just fine in there.
  3. Don’t pick it up first thing in the morning. For a long time I had the bad habit staying in bed soaking my morning brain in all things pointless while ignoring human kids needing my attention in the living room. Not anymore. I purposely moved my bedside table far enough away that I can’t turn off the alarm without getting out of bed. This has really helped.
  4. Put it down before I go to bed at night. For a long time I had the bad habit of laying in bed at night soaking my brain… You get the point. 
  5. Read something non-electronical in the bathroom. Nuff said.

What about you? Do you hate/love your iPhone? What do you do to put your phone in its place?